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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Greek Goddesses Aphrodite Artemis Athena Demeter Hestia Persephone Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty, love, pleasureand animals. Her attributes were a dove, apple,scallop shell and mirror.Some say Aphrodite came from the foam.After she came from the foam of the sea, She walked of the sea coast and flowers sprang up under her feet.That made every god want her as their wife. During the Trojan war, Aphrodite was the mother of Aeneas,who had been declared the most beautiful of all the goddesses by a Trojan prince. Of course Aphrodite sided with the Trojans. She tried to rescue Aeneas from the fight, she was pursued by Diomedes, who wounded her in her hand. In her frightshe abandoned her son, and was carried by Iris in the chariot of Ares to Olympus,where she complained of her misfortune to her mother Dione, but was laughed at by Hera and Athena. Artemis was the great Olympian goddess of hunting, wilderness and wild animals. She was also a goddess of childbirth, and the protectress of the girls before they were married.Hertwin brother was Apollon.She grantsstrength and health to others. She is UNMARRIED. Her an Apollo were very close. Apollo was like the sun and Artemis was like the moon. Persephone was the goddess of the underworld, She was also the wife of the god Haides.She curses men to the souls of the dead. Pluto was in love with Persephone,but she was married to Hades. Zues told Pluto to take her, because her mother, Demeter wouldnt let her leave Hades. After her mother told pluto to bring her back. Persephone was then to spend 1/3 of her life with Pluto and Hades and 2/3 with the other gods above. Athene (or Athena) was the great Olympian goddess of wise counsel, war, the defense of towns, heroic attempt, weaving, pottery and other crafts.When Metis was pregnant Zues swallowed her and gave birth to Athenahimself.Athena is a Combination of Powerand Wisdom. Lastly notice one tradition, which made Athena a daughter of Itonius. Which meant Iodama was her sister. She was killed by Athena Demeter was the great Olympian goddess of agriculture, grain, and bread.Her parentswere Cronus and Rhea. Her siblings were,Hestia, Hera, Aides, Poseidon, and Zeus. Like the other children of Cronus she was devoured by her father.She is the mother of Persephone and Dionysus. After Persephone was taken by Pluto, Demeter spent 9 years looking for her. Hestia was the virgin goddess of thehearth. In myth Hestia was Kronosandand Rhea's child who was swallowed by her father at birth. Zeus later forced the old Titan to spit out Hestia and hersiblings.Apollon and Poseidon both wanted to marry Hestia, But she wanted to remain a virgin.
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