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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Poseidon's father was the Titan of time Cronus, & hismother the Titan GoddessRhea.He had five siblings,Zues god of lightning, Hadesgod of the underworld, Heragoddess of marriage, Hestiagoddess of family, & Demetergoddess of agriculture. Poseidon's wife wasAmphirite, and he hadfive kids, Tritan, Rhode, Thseus, Benthesicyme,& Polyphemus. One of Posidon's title were, "Pelagios", and his roman name was "Neptune".Most of the time in fables or myths Poseidon spent his time in the ocean or any body of water.Some of Poseidon's powers were, he has all control over water unless it came from the stynx, he can speakto horses, & he canshake the earth withone strike from his trident. A few minuets after being born Poseidon was eaten by his father and spent most of his childhood inside his father, until saved by his brother, Zues.Zues killed Cronus and with all his siblings they over threw the titans and were the new rulers.Most of Poseidon's adult life was spent on mount Olympus or in the ocean. Poseidon Poseidon was very muscular,had blue hair, and alwayscarried a trident.In most pictures he's riding in a goldchariot, if on water driven bysea horses, if on land drivenby horses.Also Poseidon'sskin tone was white. Poseidon's chose of weapon would always be a trident, or water.An object that represented Poseidon was a chariot.Poseidon also had Horses and all sea life to representhim.Other symbols were, dolphins, three spikes, & a large river.
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