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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2010's Thermopyla e1 Thermopy lae2 Thermopyla e3 Salamis 1 Salamis 2 Marathon 1 Themistocles convinced Xerxes that Athens would attack in the night so the Persians patroled all night as the greeks were sleeping. The Persians waited several days to attack the athenians and spartans. In that time Xerxes offered the Athenians no battle if they lay down their weapons but they fought. An Athenian trader told Xerxes about a trail in the mountains that led them right behind the Spartans the Persians went on the trail and conered the Athenians and Spartans. Leonidas then sent the Athenians home and stayed with the Spartans to fight. Leonidas and the Spartans fought intensely. Leonidas fell dead and the Persians then finished off the Spartans from a distance with archers. And the Persians had many disadvantage swhen the battle came in the morning the strait they were sailing was narrow and they had many ships which started crashing into each other and killing some of their own men. The current was not in their favor either it was going to the right which made it hard to sale around the corner that was going left. The Greeks soon won the battle of Salamis The person ship numbers did not help them because they had to Salem narrow straight the Greeks were rested and ready to fight and were paired bike to death the person's numbers were so large in such a small space that they started to bump into each other and destroy their own ships the Athens and Persia had a four day standoff. The Athenians ended up winning the battle. *resources Greco-Persian War! The Start tap and hold to change this header text! The Ionians revolt
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