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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Milk- $0.25Butter- $0.18Bread- $0.08Meat- $0.55 1.883 Million Milk- $3.35Butter- $2.29Bread- $2.69Meat- $6.38 Food ComparisonGD T Dylan Burwick P.7 Water for Elephants By Sara Gruen Published: May 26, 2006 2.896 Million Unemployment ComparisonGD T 4.4% 16.9% Jackson County Courthouse Did you know? 1. Gruen says the backbone of this book is based on the biblical story of Jacob in the Book of Genisis.2. A film adaption of the book was released April 22, 2011.3. Gruen interacted with elephants while writing the book in order to portray their behavior realistically.4. Gruen says it was tough to write some of the abuse scenes for the elephant Rosie, as she was a real elephant that Gruen had grown attached to.5. It was in the 19th century that Australian circuses first introduced animal shows. Characters- Theme- Setting- The main theme of love is hard to miss, despite all the cruelties performed in the novel.The young protagonist Jacob falls instantly in love with Marlena, the trick horse rider.As the two form a relationship they begin to work with an elephant named Rosie,to which both care for deeply. Throughout the novel Marlena is faced with constant abuse from her husband August. This combined with his feelingsfor Marlena led him to threaten Augusts life. The setting alternates between the present and the 1930's as the main character, a 93 year old named Jacob, recounts the time he spent working for a traveling circus. Plot- The Plot of the book centers around the love story between a young Jacob and Marlene, and the incredible challenges that come with living in the time of the Great Depression. After the death of his parents Jacob was unable to find anywhere to work and found himself riding the rails looking for some where to go.Fate would eventually lead him to a traveling circus that would hire him on to care for the animals. Through his time there he falls in love with marlene,the wife of the abusive head animal trainer August, and forges a relationship with the circuses new elephant Rosie. Throughout the story, August becomes increasingly suspicious of both Jacob and his wife, believing the two to be having an affair, and eventually beats the two severely. Marlene leaves her husbandand she and Jacob come together. With their Jobs now threatened Jacob attempts to kill August but is unable to go through with it. Meanwhile, the circushad begun to get rid of its staff. Filled with anger they return and release the animals during a performance and August is killed in the mob. With his deaththe circus closes down and both Jacob and Marlene go on to live a happy life. Jacob- Jacob has very strong values, Even though he's often thwarted in his attempt to do the right thing. He has a very strong temper, and is always willing to protect his friends. He's not good at using just his words to resolve conflicts, and other people often have to hold him back. Marlene- Marlene is more of an adult than many characters in the book. She's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. When she sees people going hungry, she gives them food or refuses to eat in solidarity.August- August is the husband of Marlene and also a violent and abusive paranoid schizophrenic. Although he does have a nice side, he will often abuse the circus animals if they fail to listen to him.Uncle Al- Al was the owner of the circus and was a despicable man. Al would often steal money from his workers paychecks. He frequently punished one set of people for another set's mistakes. He was also not afraid to have people beaten and murdered whenever it simply allowed him just to save money. Population ComparisonGD T
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