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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Did the 2011 East Japan earthquake - Estimated losses 14.5 billion USD to 34.6 billion USD - Nuclear accidents. Three level seven meltdowns at nuclear reactors - 15 889 deaths, 6 152 injured, and 2 601 people reported missing And many more. Economic Impact The estimated losses from the earthquake and tsunamiwere around 14.5 billion to 34.6 billion US dollars(The actual damage cost was $10 billion) The Bank of Japan offered 15 trillion yen (or $183billion US - 208 billion CA) to the World Bank to normalize market conditions The costliest natural disaster in history has serious repercussions. Social Impact The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that was cause for worry everywhere,and left a tsunami in its will Because power lines and other suppliers of electricity were affected, Tohoku Electric Power (TEP)'s energy capacity lessened by 21 gigawatts.4.4 million households lost access to power because of this. Dams close to Tohoku were affected by the earthquake,especially the Fujinuma dam, which was ruptured,cutting 1.5 million households off from water. 127 290 buildings totally collapsed,with another 272 788 buildings claimed "half collapsed".Furthermore, 747 989 buildings were partially damaged. More than 100 000 children were reported"swept away" from homesThousands of children lost either one of their parents,or both. Japanese funerals (Whose traditions involvecremation of the bodies) were unable to copewith the number of deaths. Environmental Impact 300 000 TONS of radioactive materials sent into the Pacific Ocean, EVERYDAY. 110 000 nesting seabirds at theMidway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge were killed by the tsunami. The Pacific Plate slid west by 23.7 metres, and the Earth's axis was shifted by 25 centimetres. In Antarctica, icebergs in theSulzberger Ice Shelf were broken off. More than 1 000 aftershocks were created after the earthquake, the greatest a 7.9 magnitude. Political Impact Affect the world? 116 countries and 28 international organizationsassisted in humanitarian aid for the crisis. Countries donated millions ofdollars to help Japan. Sources Japan's Prime Minister, Naoto Kan,exclaimed that "It could be the hardest challenge facing the countrysince World War Two.", LDP and DPJ allied. A picture of the tsunami's damage. Japan's Prime Minister, Naoto Kan,stating what is in the facts
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