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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fallen Angels By: Patricia HuckmanPub: December 14th, 2008 Did You Know... -By 1940, 2.5 million people had fled the Great Plains. -Comic strips, like Superman, kept children entertained. -Zippers became widely used because buttons were too expensive.-The board game Monopoly became popular because the player could become "rich". -It was an estimation that nearly 50% of children did not have adequate food, shelter, or medical care. Characters: Theme: Plot: Jeb: Accused of murder, so he runs away from his town, on his way out of town, he picks of three orphans on the side of the road.Angel: Oldest of her siblings; 13 and in chargeWillie: Brother, 2nd oldest, tries to be the man in the family and keep them safeIda May: Youngest, doesn't quiet understandwhat is going on and just wants to go home Jeb Newby is originally from Texarkana, but when he's accused of murder, he takes a car and leaves. Meanwhile, Angel, Willie, and Ida May got abandoned by their father. They decided to go to their sisters home and hitch a ride with stranger; Jeb. When they find theirsister moved away, the orphans and a wanted man have to find somewhere to go. eventually they wind up at a church and pretend to be a pastor family. They have to work to keep up the appearance though. Washington 6th Street OverpassCentralia, Washington 1930's Allowed trucks and car to pass over railroad tracks. City= logging and coal mining.Improved transportation of products and safer for residents Population: 1930's Now 1,563,396 7 million Food: 25c24c8c12c MilkButterBredMeat(lb) $3.81$4.48$1.40$3.80 The themes in this book are trustworthiness and kindness. Throughout the book, many lies are told; most of them are to protect something or someone. The biggest lie toldin the book was when Jeb and the kids lied to the church for a long time saying they were priests. But they eventually find out that lying isn't always necessary.
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