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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck Then vs. Now - Food Prices Shawna PantzkeP. 7 Copyright 1939 1930:WY population: 226,000WY unemployment: 25% Today:WY population: 582,658WY unemployment: 4.7% Did you know? Plot:Young Tom Joad goes home in search of his family after leaving the state penitentiary only to find out his family has been kicked offtheir farm land in Oklahoma and is hoping to find a new life and future in California. The Joads along with thousands of other farm or rural families search for a way to feed their family members and survive the depression. Theme:Basic needs Providing for your FamilySetting:Primarily Oklahoma & California Late 1930's, dust bowl/Great DepressionTakes place over several yearsCharacters:Tom Joad - Protagonist, favorite son, positive influence on familyMa & Pa Joad - Tom's parents, lead the family, hope for a better life in CAJim Casy - Former preacher that becomes good friends with the Joad family. Casy is wise and provides themes throughout the novel Farmers that could afford to buy a tractor often bought out their neighbors to farm their land as well. California recieved up to 7,000 new migrants each month coming looking for work For several months in 1936, the L.A. Police Department sent 136 deputies to state lines to turn back migrants who didn't have any money So many migrants came from OK that they were nicknamed "Okies" By 1937 is was estimated that 1 out of every 10 people had hitchhiked at least once Milk $0.40 / gallon $3.15 / gallonButter $0.28 / lb $1.66 / lbBread $0.08 / loaf $1.98 / loafBeef $0.29 / lb $7.94 / lb Devils Tower National Monument was builtduring the Great Depressionby the Civilian ConservationCorps
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