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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Water for Elephants New York Today Great Depression 19.65 Million 5.9% Unemployed 12.7 Million20% Unemployed Doctors- $61.11/ Week Factory Worker- $16.89 Sweater- $1.00 Overcoat- $18.50Ping Pong Table- Around $30.00 Sugar- $0.59/ pound Milk- $0.50/ gallon Eggs- $0.18/ dozen Docto Doctors- $1,800/ weekFactory Worker- $500/ week Sweater- $20.00 Overcoat- $50.00Ping Pong Table- $120.00 Sugar- $2.69/ 4 pounds Milk- $3.45/ gallon Eggs- $2.09/ dozen Prospect Park Zoo 1935 Taylor FordPeriod 2 Sarah Gruen 2006 Did You Know? -Rosie, the elephant in this book, was based on a real circus animal-The song "Stars and Stripes Forever"was an 'emergency' song.-Worst circus disaster was a fire in the Big Top killing 168 people and injuring another 484-President Roosevelt gave special permission for circuses to travel on the railroads during WWII.-There was an elephant named "Topsy" that killed 3 circusperformers before she was executed by Thomas Edison in an electric chair SOURCES double click to change this header text! Characters Rosie- Elephant, lovable, smart, tricky, murderer -conflictJacob- Stubborn, caring, strong morals Plot and Setting Ithica, New York and all over the country, Starts in 1932Story changes between 20 year old Jacob and 90 year old JacobParents died-- ran away-- circus train-- finds work-- falls in love-- already married-- Rosie-- abuse--animal loose-- murder-- new circus Themes Marlena & August Love- Rosie & Jacob, Jacob & MarlenaCourage- Jacob joining circus, admit loveOld Age- Old Jacob reliving pastFreedom vs. Confinement
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