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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 JIM: THE BOY Comparison of Unemployment 1940sThen: 15%Now: 6.7%Comparison of Population 1940sThen: 1.9 millionNow: 4.8 million South Carolina Charles E. Simon Courthouse in Aiken, SC, built in 1934 Lalit SaravanaP.7Jim The Boy by Tony EarleyPublished June 2000 Fun Facts The SettingTime- Great Depression, 1934Location- Aliceville, South CarolinaHow long throughout the book- 1 yearTheme- COMING OF AGEPlot PLOT, THEME, STORY General Food PricesMilk $.10 in 1930's$3.69 in 2014,Butter (per lb) $.28 in 1930's$2.21 in 2014Bread (20 oz loaf) $.09 in 1930's$1.41 in 2014Meat$$.39 in 1930's$5.15 in 1930's 1. At the peak of the great depression 25% of the population were out of work, with no form of income to pay the bills, buy food or purchase clothes2. It took over 23 years for the stock market to recover to the rate it was at before the crash of 19293. Tons of dust raveled covering Chicago, New York and Atlanta.4. There were food riots start in various parts of the United States5. Between 1929 and 1932 the annualincome of an average American family dropped by 40% The story begins on Jims 10th birthday. His mother and 3 uncles are all gathered eatingbreakfast. With the entrance into double digits, Jim believes he is more matureand should start work.His uncles, put him to work on their farm. While Jim was working, he broke downand realizes that becoming an adultisn't all perks and glory.After the summer ends, Jim goes to schoolwhere he meets friends, enemies,and learns many social lessons.Following school, his family takes himto Lynn Mountains in the deeper south,the place of his fathers passing.It is here where Jim realizes two things, the cruel impacts of the Great Depressions and that no one lives forever. Main Character- Jim Jim is the protagonist and the story revolves around him. Jim lives with his widowed mother, and 3, unmarried uncles. Throughout the book, Jim learns about the hardships that come with adulthood. He wants to be just like his uncles and is very insecure, because he thinks that he wont live up to the standards.
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