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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Great Depression Book ReportGabby Burcham pd. 2 Plot Theme Did You Know? A Secret Gift by Ted Gup 2010 Shortly before Christmas in 1933, a newspaper ad is released offering $10 to families in needduring the Holiday season. The author of the article, Mr. B. Virdot, received hundreds of letters, and gave money to 75 families. Present day, Ted Gup discovers the mysterious man is in fact his grandfather.Ted sets out to discover the lives these people led. He soon discovers how this $10 turned these lives around. The theme of this novel is kindness. Ted discovers how kind his grandfatherwas to help those in need in one of the darkest times in history. Without the money given out these familiesmay have not survived the holiday season. Food Prices 1930 Today Bread $0.08 per loafDozen Eggs $0.18Bacon $0.39 per pound Bread $1.42Dozen Eggs $1.93Bacon $4.40 Population in Massachusetts 1930 2014 4.25 Million 6.75 Million Unemployment Rate in Massachusetts 1930 2014 5.8 percent 8.7 percent Cape Cod Canal- Bourne MA 1933-1935 1. You could buy a toy wooden wooden airplane for $0.832. You could buy a Flossy Flirt Doll for $1.953. You could buy a 3 wheel bike for $9.394. You could buy a teddy bear for $0.985. You could buy a wind up train set for $2.89
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