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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Romans used coins for their economy which were introduced during the republic. But they adopted the Greek style of currency as the republic grew. A censor was an officer in Ancient Rome who was responsible for maintaining the census. Fun Fact! R P A E S Rome adopted many Greek gods from a bunch of different cultures to make their own group of gods. Many of our planets were named after Roman gods. For example, Neptune was the Roman god of the sea. For a long time Rome was in a state of peace called the Pax Romana. A Roman judge decided that "Whatever pleases the emperor is the law." Romans biggest accomplishment was their vast empire. Some other achievements were they founded cities all over Europe which still stand today! Many people in Ancient Rome were poor or slaves. If you were a rich person in Rome you were bound to have many slaves. Most people in Rome lived in tiny apartments that were crammed into narrow, dirty streets. Like us the Romans divided their day into 24 hours. But unlike us, their hours varied in length. For the Romans there were always 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. Thus, for example, a daylight hour in high summer was considerably longer than one in midwinter. GRAPES of Ancient Rome By: Karlie Duncan G Rome was a peninsula. Some advantages they had were they had really good trade routes because they were by the Mediterranean Sea and the Tiber River. Rome was started by Latins.
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