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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Energy: Master Resource "If energy cannot be created & recycled than the energy budget of the planet is FINITE" EROI (Energy Return on Energy Invested) Economics Net Energy Uptake: energy available to an economy after the energy costs of obtaining that energy are paid It takes energy to acquire energy -To make economic use of a barrelof oil requires drilling, transporting,conversion to varieties of petroleumand shipping them to end users -Energy is also expended to make drilling rigs, steel in refineryequipment & automobiles burningfuel.. etc. Petroleum Energy obtained per foot of drilling 1946 50:1 1978 15:1 **Continued disregard of climateconsequences will lead to an alarmingdecline in EROI. The bare minimum for society of our standards is 5:1 -Economy sucks low entropy fromthe environment & excretes a high-entropy wake of degradedmatter & energy -Energy is the limiting factor on the generative side of the human economy -The waste side of the economy is ultimately limited by finite capacity of the planet This is why the process of entropy is described as "The taproot of economic scarcity" -Renewable & sustainable energycan only come from currentenergy consumption. Tom Murphystates; "Nature does not provide an energyfinancing scheme. You can't builda windmill on PROMISED energy" New Worldview -The decline in average EROI of the world economy brings on great politicalchallenges. -Implementing thermodynamics into economics as a foundational ideasystem would bring the most influential social science into congruence with physical reality The very best time to plant a tree, like the best time to admit that energyis the master resource, is decadesago. The second best time is TODAY
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