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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Events In American History From the Boston Tea Party to the Declaration of Independence double click to change this title text! Late November 1773 BOSTON TEA PARTY Many colonists became up about Britain's idea to tax tea. So, on a late November night in 1773, a group of men disguised themselves as the Mohawk Indians and dumped a capacity of 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor. INTOLERABLE ACTS These were the four laws that Britain passed for Boston becauseof the Boston Tea Party.Colonists called it theIntolerable Acts because of how harsh they were. 1774 QUEBEC ACT The Quebec Act was passedby the British Parliamentand it gave French Canada a government. It also gave them religioua freedom. 1774 FIRST CONTINENTAL CONGRESS Representatives met inPhiladelphia. Delegates fromtwelve colonies met up and heldwhat is known as the FirstContinental Congress. MINUTEMEN These men were volunteers who were ready to fightat any moment. They had a warehouse full of weaponsand other explosives. September 1774 1774 LEXINGTON AND CONCORD The British Redcoats went toLexington and killed eight Minutemen.When the Redcoats went to Concord,73 Redcoats were killed andanother 200 were missing. April 18, 1775 OLIVE BRANCH PETITION The colonial delegates of the Second Continental Congressmet and wrote this petition to King George III. The delegates declared their loyalty to the king while asking him to repeal theIntolerable Acts. May 10, 1775 CONTINENTAL ARMY Set up by the Second Continental Congress, made George Washingtoncommander. 1775 PATRIOTS VS. LOYALISTS The Patriots were the colonists who favored war against Britainand wanted their independence.The Loyalists were the colonistswho remained loyal to the British. BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL This was the first major battle of the American Revolution. It proved that the British would not be easy to beat and that the Americans could fight bravely. COMMON SENSE This was a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine. It described why it was time for the colonists tomake the break between Britain.More than 500,000 copies weresold within six months, and itpersuaded colonists aboutindependence. THE DECLARATION OFINDEPENDENCE The Continental Congress asked Thomas Jefferson to write this document. It begins with a preamble,and has three main parts.The first part is the Natural Rights, the second is the British Wrongs,and the third is Independence. 1775 June 16, 1775 January 1776 (Published) July 4, 1776
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