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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 F. Scott Fitzgerald Scott His inspiration came fromhis wife. Mostly to winher over to marry her finally. He faced a lot ofobsticals like, not pulishing enough books. He was also an alcoholic andhe could barely function without alcohol. His relationshipwith Zelda was not that good. He really loved her and she didnot really care about him. All shecared about was his money.A fun fact about Scott is, His distant cousin wrote the Star Spangled Banner. your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Zelda was a free thinking person.She was a ballerina, was very goodat art, and was a flapper. She cheatedon Scott because she didn't really carefor him like he cared for her. All she cared about was his money. She couldn't reallycare less about anything else he did. After amental break down her schizophrenia gotworse than it was before, so she live in a mental home. She painted and wrote a couplebooks. One day a fire broke out and it killed 4people and Zelda was one of those girls. Most of her the painting were destroyed in the fire and she even donated some to the army during WWII to be painted over and used as a canvas. Zelda double click to change this title text! Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24th, 1896, in St. Paul Minnesota He married awoman named Zelda Sayre. Him and his wife hade one Daughter named,Scottie after her father. Scott died in, 1940 at the age of 44, due to a heart attack.
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