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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Government Corruption From the 1870's to the 1890's, the government was filled with political corruption and dishonesty.Bribery and voter fraud were common. The Spoils System was at the heart of the corruption. Officials would reward political supporters with government jobs or favors. The Spoils System The Spoils system was one of the corruptthings in our nations government duringthe progressive era. The spoils system was the practice in which a political partygives government jobs to the party's supporters, friends, and relatives as a reward for helping the party win the election. It was corrupt because unqualifiedpeople were getting jobs of power in the government. Election of 1880 President James Garfieldand Vice President ChesterArthur were elected. They were Republicans. Pres. Garfield believed in the meritsystem. September 1881 Pres. James Garfield was shot bya disappointed office seeker, Charles Guiteau. He was arrested,tried, and hanged. 188 3 Pendleton Act was signed by President Arthur. It essentially got rid of the SpoilsSystem. It created the United StatesCivil Service System, where jobs were awarded based on merit. Federalemployees had to be selected through exams and merit. The Pendleton Act also made campaign contributions from federal employees illegal. 1939 Hatch Act The Hatch Act prohibited federalemployees in the executive branchof the federal government from doing certain political activity, like campaigning, while doing their jobs. 1978Civil Reform Act Reformed the civil service of the U.S. federalgovernment. It also abolished the U.S. CivilService Commission and made three newagencies.-Office of Personal Management-Ment Systems Protection Board-Federal Labor Relations Authority 2002Campaign Finance Reform Tried to revise campaign finance laws by stoppingunregulated contributions to the national politcalparties.
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