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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Events Leading To The Civil War COMPROMISE Conflict 1850 1852 1854 1856 1859 1860 1860 Bleeding Kansas- 1861 Southern's agreed to approve Stephen Douglas's bill if the territories of Kansas and Nebraska were organized by popular Sovereignty. Men from both north andsouth moved in to territories. "Sack Of Lawrence" occurred, this event caused conflict because both sides competedwith each other and ended up fighting. The period where a series of violent events decided whatthe Kansas territory would be. This included the Kansas-Nebraska Act, The "Sack Of Lawrence", John Brown'sraid at Harpers Ferry. This was a period of conflictbecause there was a lot of violence and conflict betweensoutherners and abolitionists. People were deciding who the new president would be. Between Stephen Douglas, John C.Breckinridge, John Bell, and Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln won the election. He was against slavery but assured southerners that he wouldn't interfere with that, butalso wouldn't allow it to expand to the west. Thiswas a compromise because both southerners andabolitionists were content with the new President. 1861 Election of 1860 -1860 Kansas- Nebraska Act - 1854 This was an act that had been passedwhich settled a boundary dispute between Texas and New Mexico that also established a territorial government in New Mexico.Resolutionshad been brought out for the crisis betweenNorth and South, which included a beneficialcompromise within territories. Compromise of 1850 - 1850 John's cause was to seize the arms and ammunition in the federal arsenal, arm slaves in the area and move South along the Appalachian Mountains attractingslaves to his cause. There wasn't a legitment solution in the country, the divide between north and southwas deepened. This event was a conflict because it showed that southern states were done with the Untied States,Also because this was deemed unconstitutionalin the eyes of several people.This was the start of the official sides beingmade for the civil war South Carolina Secedes-1860 John Brown's Raid- 1859 The slaves were not in favor of this whatsoever. The civil War eventually became a product of this decision. Taking place in 1857. No type of compromise was involved. Dred Scott Decision- 1856 This was an anti-slavery novel by Harriet Bleecher StoweIt helped set the grand worth for the Civil War. It was acompromise because it was credited with helping fuelthe abolitionists cause in the 1850's. It convinced northerners to oppose slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin - 1852
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