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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gordon Parks Miracle baby When he was born he barely made it alive the doctor had to put him in a tub full of ice cold water before he started to breath. Deadly racism When he was nine his favorite cousin left Kansas to work in the south. They heard little from him but on the radio one day it said he was the most wanted criminal because he killed two white men he worked with. That night he snuck in to the house through Gordon's window and took food from their fridge then he was gone. One time his cousin princetta came to visit. They were walking down the sidewalk together when some white boys came and attacked Gordon thinking his cousin was a white girl. He had help from a white boy. Everything black and white His mother died in 1928 because she litterally worked herself to death and Gordon had to go live with his married sister. Upside down world He planed to marry a girl named Sally Alvis but he lost his job when the building fell down and Sally broke up with him. Music composed Trouble He composed a song called no love about Sally and him. It brought them back together and he married her in Minneapolis. POWERFUL PHOTOGRAPHY He and Sally got divorced and they ran into each other and agreed it was a mistake so they remarried and had their first daughter in 1940 He was givin the presidents medal one out of four people can win it. Honored Kansan He's an African American. Photographer author. He was born November 30, 1912 Fort Scott, Kansas. He died March 7, 2006 New York City. Gordon Rodger Alexander Buchanan Park's parents were Andrew Jackson and Sarah (cross) Park's. Wife Sally Alvis. He was given this by George H W Bush. By: Emmery Kastens
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