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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Google Glass In Class!!! -It's a type of wearable technology-Developed by Google-optical head-mounted display Wearers communicate with the internet via natural language voice commands. Google started selling Google Glass to qualified "Glass Explorers" in the U.S. for alimited period for $1500 andthen to the public on May 15,2014. Collaboration: can send test scoresand report cards directly to parents Teaching and Augmented Reality: teachers can capture scientific phenomena on photos, videos or audio and then share them over time with their students. They can make mini doculmentaries to enhance storytelling in the classroom about the subject Can connect tothe studentssmartphones Can also help to fosterparent-teacher communication line Remote Teaching: Great Help To Those In Distant Learning teachers can make first person video guides in real time that will mimic the regular classroom experience. They also document and share lessons that involve demonstrations and first-hand experiences. Creates a real connection between student and teacher that would normally be impossible to do with distance Battery life is awful however, lasting what's supposedto be a day, but if photos are taken it lasts 3-5 hoursand a video wipes the battery out in less than 1 hour. There's drawbacks to this alsowhich would happen to be theprice: $1500 references:
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