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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Good or Bad President? Good: double click to change this header text! Woodrow Wilson- 28th President-Determined: During WWI, he was determined to keep the U.S. out of conflict and did so for as long as he could.-Helpful: He advanced and helped negotiate the Treaty of Versailles that helped end WWI.-Persuasive: He pushed Congress to pass the 19th amendment that guaranteed voting rights.If put in Polk's place during the Mexican-American War, I believe Wilson would have done basically the same thing. He was determined and persuasive so he could convince people to do what he thought was right. Not only was he determined though, he would've also been helpful in actually getting the job done. The U.S. may have even expanded more if Woodrow had been president. Gerald Ford- 38th President-Peace Keeper: The Ford Administration helped persuade the two countries to accept a truce agreement.-Problem Solver: He acted to curb the trend toward government intervention and spending as a means of solving the problems of American society and the economy.-Merciful: As President, Ford tried to calm earlier controversies by granting former President Nixon a full pardon.If Ford had been President during the Mexican-American War, I believe he would've gotten the job done, but in a different manner than Polk or Wilson. Gerald was a good problem solver so he could easily get the land and continue with what the U.S. believed to be their destiny of expanding. Although, I think Ford would have gotten this land in a more peaceful way. He was very much a peace keeper and he was merciful, so his decisions may have been different, but overall I think it would play out in mostly the same way. Bad: Andrew Johnson- 17th President-Unfair- He resisted Radical republican policies aimed at securing the rights and well-being of the newly emancipated African-Americans-Not caring for others: Political ineptitude and an astonishing indifference toward the plight of the newly freed African-Americans.-Unmerciful: Vetoed the renewal of the Freedman's Bureau and the first civil rights bill. He also encouraged opposition to the 14th amendment.If Andrew Johnson had been put in Polk's place, I think might have still succeeded the way we did, but not in such a simple way. He didn't really care about the others around him. This would make it difficult to get them to like him and do what he wanted them to do. He was also unmerciful and unfair so others may have not worked so well with him. Therefore, he may not have even been able to get the land and continue with the expansionlike they wanted. He could probably get it done, but people wouldn't be happy about it. Jimmy Carter- 39th President- Difficult relationship with people and Congress: He couldn't make plans actually happen.-Dishonest: His friend was accused of financial misdealings and had to resign. Carter always promised honesty, this showed something very different than honesty.-Inept and Inefficient: He failed to free hostages from Iran. If Carter was put in Polk's place during the Mexican-American War, I don't think we would have been successful in our endeavors to expand. Jimmy had a difficult relationship with people and Congress so he wouldn't be able to get much done. He was dishonest, so his people couldn't trust him. You can't win wars if your people aren't with you. Also, he was inept and inefficient. Inefficiency doesn't fulfill destinies and doesn't get your people what they want. With these character traits, I think Carter would have failed if put into this situation. Mexican-American War The Mexican American War (1846-1848) marked the first armed conflict mainly fought on foreign soil for the U.S. Mexico was weak and the U.S. thought it was their destiny to expand. In fulfilling this destiny, Mexico had lost about one-third of it's territory.
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