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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gold's first showed up on the trading scenein the middle ages,in East Africa, mostly around Ghana By: Shane Tighe What was the tradenetwork for gold like? When was gold first traded and where? Gold Trading Hub: Elimina Castle Although it was later a important location on the slave route, the Eliminia Castle was first used as major stop on the trading route that was primarily focused around gold. It was built by the Portuguese around 1480 and throughout the years has been posessed by many different countries because of its important location What were the Caravans like? The caravans that used were used in Africa were primarily large amounts of camels and a lot of people,the large companies generally helped the company withstrength in numbers from bandits looking to make a quick aquisition How It's Made People have been mining goldwith different processes for a long time. Around this time periodit seems as if the most popular process for gold was a primitiveversion of what is now hydraulic mining. Hydraulic mining was so effective that it was even used inthe California gold rush of the 1800's. Another popular processwas extraction which is depictedbelow. Depending on where thegold was traveling to the gold would either travel byland or sea, most gold wentto europe so therefore mosttravel was by sea. Gold's Religous Impact The only use for gold in almost all ancient societies was in religous ceremonies for costumes and other things. Goldwas also used for statues/shrines to various differentreligous figures. Example of a African Trade Route Impact of Weather Trade of Gold could sometimes be hindered by storms of sand of big heat waves. Most Caravanstraveling through this area of Africa had to carry largeamounts of water with them because of this What Made GoldSo Valuable? The intention of trade is to obtain something that you don't have and/or are capable ofmaking. Most of the gold mines back in the middle ages were in Africa. This is why the europeancountries valued gold so much and what made the gold trade routes so valuable
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