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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 breakfast 8 Tips for Winterizing Your Home Remove or Winterize Air Conditioners - Removing window-mounted AC units and covering the external side of wall-mounted units will eliminate drafts. Mind the Gaps - According to the US Dept. of Energy, 5-30% of energy use is due todrafts around the house. An easy DIY fix is to place a rolled up towel at the base of exterior doors when at home. Change Furnace Filters - Just like you and me, a furnace works better when it can breath clearly and freely. Change filters monthly or switch to a permanent filter that will perform better than disposables with fewer hassles. Run Ceiling Fans in Reverse - Hot air will pool along a ceiling. By running your ceiling fans counter-clockwise, the warm air will re-circulate down throughout the room. Adjust Water Heater Temperature - Most water heaters are set for 140 degrees.For most houses, a 120 degree setting will provide water at an acceptable temperature while saving on fuel costs. Adjust the Thermostat When Away from Home - Adjusting the thermostat when out for long periods of time will save on fuel costs. For convenience, ask your local utility if they offer Smart Meters that can be programmed to adjust automatically. Winterize Outside Water Lines & Insulate Pipes - Emptying and disconnecting water hoses and shutting down outside water spigots will help to avoid frozen or ruptured pipes. Insulating internal pipes can reduce the cost to heat water, saving on fuel costs. Choose the Right Service Provider - For those projects that are not DIY, such as cleaning and servicing your boiler, installing energy efficient equipment and other projects, ensure that the service provider you select is licensed, insured and experienced at helping you squeeze every ounce of value from your fuel dollars. Common sense tasks, many do-it-yourself, that can help save money while keeping your family warm! From your friends at Gold Star Electrical, serving the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut region for over 10 866-877-STAR (7827)
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