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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Poseidon is a creative god with a braid. He designed every living animail of the sea. Poseidon lives on the bottom of the ocean. He lives in a gaint castle made ofseashells and gems. Poseidon is thought to be moody and easliy angered. You want to stay away from his bad side. When made angry, he will come for revange and create earthgaukes, shipwearks, and drowning. But he also clams the sea for safe travel if you are kind to him. Pegasus is a beautiful horse blessed with dazzling wings. Which he uses to sore through the sky. He can be riden. Bellerophon bonded with Pegasus. Pegasus trusted him so Bellerophon trained and rode Pegasus. But one day Bellerophon made a bad decision and tried to ride the horse up to the heavens this angered Zues and he made a insect bite Pegasus and he bucked. Then Bellerophon fell to his doom. Perseus killed Medusa by cutting off her head. After this her to sons Pegasus and a flying pig, Chrysaor were born from her blood.They also have a sister that is a horse named Areion. With one kick from his powerful hooves Pegasus created and opened a spring on Mt. Helicon and it offers inspiration. Greek Gods Poseidon has two fearless and strong brothers hades and zeus. When they over through their father in revenge. They split up the responsibility. Habes got the under world. Zeus recieaved the heavens, Poseidon earned the sea and together they ruled over the land. Poseidon's symbol is a trenton with three golden spikes. HIPPOKAMPOI are the horses of the sea. They are horses with a tail of a fish. They are thought to have green scales and fish fin manes. Many sea gods and goddesses ride on them like NEREIDES and POSEIDON.
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