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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Goals Goal 1- Work on mathsknowledge Goal 2- Improve art: backgrounds and animal /human anatomy double click to change this title text! Goal 4- Improve understanding and knowledge of geosciences For me to accomplish this goal, I will set aside time at homefour times a week to work on maths, I need to take more notes during mathslessons and pay closer attention. My resources will include Khan Academy, maths books, various websites and tutoring from my brother. I would also askteachers at school for help. The best way to improve my art is repetition. I currently draw daily but would like to increase my skills and diversify. The best way to learn anatomy is to look at real life examples and models. Also, visiting museums, art galleries, zoos andnational parks provide excellent opportunities for practice. Sarah Lee I want to strengthen the muscles in my shoulders and back to improve my posture and alleviate birsitis. I will set alarms on my phone to remind me to do thenecessary exercises. I will continue to visit the physio to monitor progress Goal 3- Restore back & shoulder health I would like to build on my hobbyinterest in geology. I look for opportunities within ASMS to join like-minded groups. If possible I may be able to join a local gem and mineral club. Other resources include the internet, books, teachers, the Tate museum and field trips. My mother has read through my goals and has given me some helpful insight on my strategies. She helped me develop my goals and expand onthem, and supplied me with resourcesthat I could use.
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