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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 To produce watery stool, this drughas an osmotic effect thatretains water in the colon to soften the feces and create a watery stool. The ptshould keep drinking water until stool is clear of solid matter. (rxlist) There is no dosage adjustment for geriatric pts, pts with renal impairments or hepatic impairments.However, pregnant women should have cautionbecause they are not sure whether the drug is excreted in breast milk during lactation and it is a Category C which means there hasn't been any controlled studies and humans. (Thomas) Pharmacokinetics/Clinical Studies Dosage Pediatric Adult Chrishelle PulhinRocha 7th Constipation Bowel Preparation (whole dose) 17g c water, juice or sodaorally once a day 255 g c 64 oz lowcalorie Gatorade w rate of 8 oz every 10 minutes orally starting 6 PM before procedure greater than 6 months0.5 (initial) - 1.5 g/kgMax: 17 g/day > 2 years of age1.5 g/kg/daymax: 100 g dailyorally > 6 months0.5 (initial dose) - 1.5 g/kgmax: 17 g/day > 2 years old1.5 g/kg/daymax: 100 g daily Can't be used if the pt is allergic to any of its ingredients or if they have blockage of stomach or bowels. approx. $18.77 - $28.58for 1 bottle(527g) 17g/dose ( Mechanism of Action Usual dose is 17gm / day with8 oz of water, juice, coffee or tea. According to Clinical trials, pharmacokinetics of polythylene glycol has not been fully described because of the "lack of a sufficient sensitive analytic method" (Pelham,R). As this clinical study shows, they found that when PEG-3350 is orally administered it is minimally absorbed and excrete and eliminated by feces (Pelham). Warnings/Precautions ( it is advised for the pt to take in fluidsbefore and after intaking the drugbecause it can dehydrate a person because of its mechanism. Because it uses water as itssource of resource to activate its mechanismit is viable that the patient is well hydrated. GlycoLax or Polyethylene glycol 3350 (generic) is a laxative that comes in pills, capsules or powders that increases the amount of water in the GI tract to increase bowelmovements. It is used to treat constipation or irregular bowl movements. It can also be given to those undergoing colonoscopy or a barium enema x-ray ( GlycoLax Special Populations Chrishelle Pulhin (Thomas) ( Pediatric Acute (
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