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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gluten & Celiac Disease If someone who is gluten free eats gluten there body will start what is called an immune reaction. Structure and Functions of Protiens Proteins can help with the immune system protection, proteins also transport important and much needed molecules.Proteins also store the molecules until they are needed. Proteins are polymers and are built of smaller monomer units.Monomers are used to be bonded together with others of the same molecule to combine them together to make an amino acid. What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein that can be found in many things that are made of grains like wheat, some flour blends, and spelt. Gluten is when is in the stretchy dough in doughnuts, and bread and causes an illness called Celiac Disease. Why are People Gluten Free? Celiac Disease causes people to not be able to eat Gluten in things that carry stuff with Gluten, they could get very ill if they do eat it. Celiac Disease is a hereditary disease, which means you will not be able to help getting the disease. This disease does not have the same side effects with everyone, some people might get very ill or even might die in some cases, others might just get a stomachache. What Would Happen if a Gluten Free Person Eats Gluten? Villi is in the small intestine, this will become flattened out and the lining in it becomes damaged because of an out of the ordinary immune response. Basics and Basic Structure of Proteins All of the proteins are made of amino acid chains. These chains are in a certain order; depending on the side chain on the amino acid depends on what kind of protein it will become later, this is just like an enzyme. Celiac Disease Symptoms
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