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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GLOBAL WARMING Where else will we live without earth, start protecting it now! CAUSES-Scientist believe that global warming occurs because of something called a green house gases. Green house gases cause global warming because inferred heat is caused by sunlight. 90% of the Suns heat is absorbed by the green house gases, then the heat is radiated to the earth heating it by 15 degrees.Climate change is an energy problem. Burning fossil fuels to produce electricity or heat is responsible for roughly half of global warming pollution. Carbon dioxide is also a big contributor to the green house gases effect co2 is created by a lot of things such as volcanoes and human activities like deforestation and factories. Co2 makes the atmosphere denser causing a lot more heat to be trapped in the atmosphere. Which cause more heat to be reflected to earth. This is causing our earth to be extremely warmer in the next hundreds of years. Impact on humans, animals and nature -Global warming is melting glaciers in every part of the world, putting millions of people at risk from floods, droughts and shortages of drinking water.Global warming is causing climate change, more global warming is causing evaporation to cause more rain and people,animals and nature can't deal with so much water.It is also killing our marine life causing our water to be so warm There's a lot more effects around the world including these = heatwaves, rise of sea levels, hurricanes, diseases,change of season lengths, animal and human extinction. Solutions for global warming - To solve global warming I think we should use Eco - friendly resources like phasing out fossil fuels for electricity because that is causing it the most. There is a lot of ways to go around not using fossil fuels such as solar energy and wind energy.We should also stop manufacturing so much plastic. Example Coles and Woolworths bags. We can easily use the sustainable bags.
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