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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Globalization and Me Transportation And Environmental Transportation I take a bus to school, which ispart of my lifestyle because i takeit every morning. Environmental I do as much as i can to helpthe environment, like recyclingor taking a bus to different places. By: Reed Hamilton Trade AndEconomical Communication And Political Media AndSocial Cultural Revitalization is beingcontrolled through the media andinternet by posting their languagesand beliefs online. we canalso cross the Digital Divide to countries that we cannotcommunicate with, without the media. The Forces of Globalizationhave a huge impact on my everydaylife, and has changed it by letting me get access to the news. which areMedia, Transportation, Communication,and Trade. The Dimensions of Globalizationare Economical, Political, Social,and Environmental. which have had a big impact on my life. Assimilation was a way to makecommunity one with not anycultural differences. Accomodation isaccepting of different cultures and iswhat everyone should be doing.Marginalization is pushing the smallercultural beliefs to the side and forgettingabout them. Universalization is a way to makeeverybody the same with no differences in their lifestyle. Pop Culture is a way for differentcultures to connect through differentways, like music, movies, or speeches. Homogenization is taking thecultural differences and throwingthem out of the window, notseeing anyone with different culturesAcculturation has an effect on globalizationby accepting other peoples beliefsand cultures. Media Concentration effects me bycompanies owning so many differentbusinesses that they all focus on onething and do not seperatly talk aboutdifferent issues. instead they all talk aboutthe same thing. Hybridization has an effect on my lifeby taking to things that areimportant and putting them together and making somethingnew that people would like. Trade plays a role in my lifeby getting things from other countries that cannot be grownin Canada. So that we can getnew things throughout just like wesell oil to other countries that need it.
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