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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Planes There are many different genresof books, and some of them teachesus a lot about culture! it wasan amazing invention made a long time ago, it passed down for so many yearsfor the entertainment and thrill for the reader. BOOKS GLOBAL CULTURE Planes are one of the best waysof traveling around the world! Peoplethat loves to travel experience new cultural facts, cultural styles, all from in different countries, andwhere does that start? Airplanes! Its easy transportation system that allows you to to goanywhere around the world, why wouldnt they pass it down over years? THE MEDIA either its the internet or T.V. to the radio,culture is shown through each of them.When you turn on the T.V., loadsof different channels about different things about culture shows up. When you goto the internet, there are multiple cultural websites made by peoplearound the world,showing each and every viewer different things other people do fro other countries.They're passed down through culture because anyone can use it from every different parts of the world. LANGUAGE Language is passed downthrough culture is becauseit is the only way to connect to other people.You can use hand signs and pictures but talking is known in every single country.Everything in the world starts with one voice and millions of others follow.And a country has its own language, so they can communicate with people in there own country. But some people like to learn these different languages, which is the key to connecting to the world. Families are very special. Most of your knowledge aboutculture was because of them.They tell you stories aboutyour religion or beliefs, and passes itdown to you. Families are passed downfrom the cultural category because populationgrows around the world. FAMILY
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