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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roughly 210 Universities participate in ASCE's Student Conferences nation-wide. Projects range from steel bridge, concrete canoe, to even environmental studies. none of these cover all aspects of civil infrastructure, this is where the Envision rating system fills the gap. Global Sustainability Global Sustainability Students working together for a better sustainable future Report Card grades America's Infrastructure at an overall grade of D, ranked 23rd worldwide. 2009 Report Card 23rd It would take 2.2 Trillion to get it to good conditions. up from 1.6 trillion in 2005. Students ASCE's Because they are the future. The Envision rating system is open to professional service firms, consultants, government entities, and more importantly to university students. By participating in organizations and projects such as ASCE's, students are getting hands-on experience with engineering problems they could experience in the real world. Providing them the with necessary skillsin a lot of aspects of civil engineering such as structures, environmental, geotechnical, and water resources. Sustainability has a big impact on all of these! Envision but why call out students? TM Five Categories Quality of Life Leadership Resource Allocation Natural World Climate and Risk Uniquely qualified to address America's infrastructure, Envision focuses on all civil infrastructure by addressing design, planning, construction and maintenance. Over 900 rating systems from around the world were identified during the development of the rating system. In theU.S. there are sustainability systems such as LEED and greenroads. However, TM TM If the students of the next generation of engineers understands the importance ofsustainability, a difference can be made, especially if they use the right system. real Joining There are ways currently put in place to make our current infrastructure more sustainable but wouldn't it be easier to make it sustainable from the beginning? This is where students come in; learn the correct and most efficient ways of taking sustainability into account when designing to build a brighter and better future. Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure a not-for-profit education and research organization dedicated to developing and maintaining the civil infrastructure rating system. to join for university students interested in sustainability. By being a member of ISI, you can get certified for the Envision rating system and start making a difference for all the generations to come. Is FREE TM TM The reason Envision was created For more information, go to: TM
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