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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DOG "By the time Franklin Roosevelt's inauguration in 1933,the unemploymentrate hovered close to twenty-five percent"("The Great"). High infantmortality "The southwesternGreat Plains region of theUnited States suffered a severe drought ("Dust"). "Dry land farming on theGreat Plains led to thedestruction of the prairie grasses" ("Dust"). Hunger in America vs. Hunger in Ethiopia CAUSES EFFECTS double click to change this title text! CAUSES EFFECTS PERCENT OFPOPULATION AID Chronic Hunger- Hunger with no cease. Constant Hunger. AID Impediments todevelopment Impediments toeconomic growth Vulnerability tocommon illnesses Acute vulnerability intimes of disaster Increased risk of infection. "Unemployment"("The Human") "Homelessness"("The Human") "Dust Bowl"("The Human") PERCENT OFPOPULATION "Overgrazing also destroyed large areas of grassland" ("Dust). "FDR; after assumingthe presidency,promoted a wide variety of federally funded programs aimedat restoring theAmerican economy,helping relive thesuffering of theunemployed" ("The Great Depression"). "Drought andenvironment"(Centanni) "Economic Policies"(Centanni) "Government Abuse"(Centanni) "Infant Health" (Thurow). "Hagirso's diet haslocked importantmicronutrients"(Thurow). "Suboptimal braindevelopment"(Thurow). "As many as 81% ofall cases of child undernutrition andit's related pathologiesgo untreated ("UN") "By partnering withDupont and a localagriculture cooperative,Feed the Future hashelped 35,000 maize farmers increase yieldsby 50% and brought rust-resistance wheatvarieties to 1.2 millionfarmers" ("US"). Solution For Ending Word Hunger- "Freedom from Hunger's Credit with Education program is just a strategy" ("World"). "We are transforming the microfinance program technology" ("World"). "We have developed to local people aroundthe world, and they are using it to help end world hunger through their own families and communities" ("World").
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