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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What caused the rich and poor gap in education in the United States, and why it is so problematic? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. Will make the students feel likethey are part of a communityand strengthen their relationshipswith their peers and teachers. "Revive" the Center for CSRI to help engage studentsin school. Self-esteem and Effort Relationships ACTION PLAN $6,000. NYC area spends around $18,000. The national averageamount of money per student is$10,591. Students from low-incomefamilies believe that theyhave no future and lack hope and optimism. Students stop trying orputting in effort if theythink failure is likely. Students from high-incomefamilies usually have twowell-educated parents, while students from low-income families usuallyhave one poorly-educatedsingle parent. Rural areas spend around The Education Gap in the United States What are thedifferences betweenthe rich and poor? High-income familiesearn eleven times moremoney thanlow-income families. 1. Resources available BACKGROUND High-income families and wealthy areas caninvest in their child'seducation more and provide them with more resources. Provide the studentswith extracurricular activities, such as artand sports, to maketheir school experienceenjoyable. Collects money to provideunderprivileged schoolswith extra programs to help motivate thestudents. Will start in one school district as a test run. If successful,the organization will continue to spread to other areas.
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