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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Glass Castle: Jeanette Walls' Journey To Welch, West Virginia 9 8 8 1,7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Phoenix. ArizonaJeannette Walls is born on April 20th, 1960. Her family lives here for only a few years, during which she has her first memory; while cooking hot dogs for her family, she catches her dress on fire, sustaining second-degree burns along her right side.2. Las Vegas, NevadaThe Walls move into a hotel, and Jeannettes father, Rex Walls, sustains the family in luxury through his subversive gambling strategies.However, when the casino staff discovers Mr. Walls scheme, the family is forced to skedaddle, as Mr. and Mrs. Walls call their nomadic behaviour.3. San Francisco, CaliforniaThe family moves into another hotel, this one situated beside a brothel. Jeannette develops a habit of burning paper in the bathroom and flushing them down the toilet. Ironically, the hotel catches fire a few days later. After the fire, Rex decides that they ought to leave civilization, and forces the reluctant family into the desert. 4. Midland, CaliforniaThe Wells now live in the middle of the desert, in a small town that requires a twice-daily water shipment. After Jeannette hears something under her bed, which prompts her dad to begin a series of demon hunts with her, which will form both a bond between them and cause a loss of innocence for her. 5. Blythe, CaliforniaThe move to Blythe begins Jeanette's school career. She is made fun of by her classmates for her high intelligence and lanky appearance. She is beat up twice by six Mexican girls, but she fights back the second time and hurts a girl with a rock. This causes her to be driven out of the community, and the family moves again.6. Battle Mountain, NevadaThe family moves into an abandoned depot station, where they build furniture out of boxes and cable spools. Rex gets a job at a barite mine and gradually gives up drinking. Their neighborhood is full of rapacious perverts and low-income families like themselves. Needless to say, the children are happy when they leave.7. Phoenix, ArizonaThe family moves into their late grandmothers house. The children all enter school, Jeanettes older sister Lori gets glasses, and Rex gets a good enough job to buy the children bicycles. Phoenix would seem like heaven, were it not for the infestation of both insects and more perverted hobos and sinister Gypsies.8. Welch, West VirginiaIn a last ditch attempt to have a happy home, the family heads to West Virginia to live with Rexs parents and Stanley, their creepy son. Grandma Erma is extremely rude to practically everyone, and, when she tries to molest younger brother Brian, Jeanette and Lori stand up to her.This eventually leads to the whole family being kicked out of the house. They move into a broken-down shack nearby, which has no plumbing and holes in the walls and floor. They live here for many years, with Rex mooching all the money he can for booze and Rose (the mother) sinking into a depression, comforted only by her art and the approaching hope of her childrens graduation.9. New York City, New YorkAfter graduating high school, the kids move to New York. Jeannette moves in with her older sister, and eventually Rex and Rose move to New York to be closer to them. However, while the kids enjoy a happy first-class lifestyle, their parents are homeless, and live in complete poverty. Still, they view it as an adventure.
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