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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GLADIATOR Ordinary World Refusal of Quest Enteringthe Unknown Finding Help Challenges& Temptations Final Test& Revelation ReturnHome Maximus Decimus is a well-loved, successful generalof the Roman Army who is looking forward to retiring to a farming life with his family. Call toAdventure Wise Old Man (Emperor MaximusAurelius) Maximus doesn't want to be emperor of Rome. He wants to retire and live a peaceful life ona farm with his family. After Commodus kills his father, he has Maximus executed. He escapes but is captured into slavery to fight as a Gladiator. At first, he refuses to fight. Thrown into the gladiator arena, Maximus does what he knows how to do: fight. He isreluctant to fight, but he does so to defendhis life. Maximus quickly begins to gain popularityamong the audience. He meets up with hisloyal servant Cicero and joins forces withanother Gladiator, Juba. His owner, Proximo, provides him with guidance to win hisfreedom Sidekick (Juba) Mentor (Proximo) Stuck in the game of gladiators,Maximus must defeat a series of battles in the arenas and workhis way up to freedom. Lucilla,Commodus's sister, tempts Maximus with freedom and reunion with his army. Woman as Temptress (Lucilla) In the final challenge, Maximus's plan has been discovered and Commodus captureshim, kills Cicero and Proximo, and imprisons all his men. Now, he must battle Commodus in the arena. Commodus is defeated, but injured andweakened, Maximus also dies shortly after, but not before he becomes emperor for a short moment and ordersfor changes wished by the previous emperor, Maximus Aurelius. In death, his spirit finally returns home to his family Caesar Maximus Aurelius requests for General Maximusto succeed him as emperor of Rome rather than his son Commodus.
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