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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cheyenne is in the back of her step-mom's car when all the sudden she feels as if someone else stole her car. Cheyenne is 17, long beautiful brown hair, brown eyes, shes'spretty.But also sickwith pneumonia, one thing though, Cheyenne is blind. Theme - you can get throughanything you just gottabelieve you can. Cheyenne is at this house in the country and she is being taken care of by Griffinthe guy who didn't mean to take Cheyenne but wanted the car.She manages to memorize everything she is hearing, names, turns, their jobs. Girl, Stolen Beginning Beginning Griffin and his father learnthat Cheyenne's dad is CEOof Nike Corp. Now they are askingfor a ransom for her to go backhome. Middle Griffin is taking care of Cheyenne. While Griffin is making her food TJsneaks into the room Cheyenne isin and he tells her shes going to die. Then goes to beat her, Griffin walked in to protect her and punched TJ in the face. Cheyenne knocks Griffin in the head late at night and takes offwith their dog duke as her guide dog. She manages to loose duke andGriffin catches up to her. tells her they are going to run away. He said he was going to do it anyway, no need to knock himin the head. Middle End Griffin breaks hit foot and Cheyenne runs off to find help. Griffin them finds out byJimbo and TJ(guys that work for his dad) that his mom didn't move to Chicago, but was murdered by hisdad. Whenshe took a car and found a phone then called the cops. She finally heard a car come and it was the cops she went home. And they found Griffin and savehim too. End Griffin wanted Cheyennes carbut instead he took Cheyenne withhim so he ends up saving herfrom his father and his friends. objective summary Protagonist Cheyenne Antagonist Roy (Griffins father)TJ Jimbo
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