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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I KNOW EXERCISE IS GOOD, BUT WHAT SHOULD I DO? HYDRATION NUTRITION TRAINING Phone apps, training schedules,partners and groups can all help you reach your goal by holding you accountable to a plan each day That means how MUCH of something.Make sure you exercise all 7 days a week cross-train or rest at the FIRST sign of injury! dynamic vs. static stretching WEIGH YOURSELF before and after your workout. WARM UPWORK OUTCOOL DOWNS T R E T C H I T O U T To stay cool investin moist-wicking clothesthat enhance evaporationand are light colored 1lb=16ozof fluid loss INJURY If using a treadmill, set the incline to at least 1%to mimic wind resistance and terrain Exercise can help you r e l a x increase training volume by no more than 10% per week alternate running on softer surfaces(sand, dirt and treadmills) for foot pain There is no "one shoe fits all" for runners.Get fitted at a running store to determineif stability, motion, control or cushioned is right for you 3,500 calories = 1lb of fat. To lose 1lb per week youneed to burn 500 cal/day 4:1 Girls who WORKOUThave: GO LOW, GO SLOWIf you feel like giving up as soon as youstart then I bet you are going too fast.Try starting out slower and you willnot get tired as fast Sports drinks are only necessary if exercising for more than 90min For questions:Amanda Zaleski, Keep an eye out for our ongoing "Ask the Expert" twitter series sponsored by HMF and Hartford Hospital for the opportunity to interact with experts in the field using the @RunHMF twitter account! Drink water during,before, and after exercise Exercise is ANYTHING you want it it to be. If you are sweating,breathing harder, and having fun, then that is YOUR exercise. There is a way to measure exercise to make sure you are doing enough. Remember the word: WEIGHT Amanda Zaleski, MSExercise F I T T FREQUENCY INTENSITY TIME TYPE stands for... 60 minutes. That is the same as 1 hour.That is the same as TWO tv shows.It doesnt have to be all at one time!10+10+10+10+10+10= 60 minutes! Aerobic exercise. Dancing, swimming, running, biking, anything that makes you breathe heavier!You should also use the muscles in your arms, legs, and stomach 3 times a week. And any kind of JUMPING to keep yourbones strong 3 days a week like jumping, basketball, running or hopscotch That means how HARD you are working.You should be breathing heavy (that's a good thing) and... talking... like...this (or not able to talk at all) double click to change this header text! double click to change this header text! Set a goal and tell someone drink me! Did you know? better gradesless stresshigher self esteembetter relationshipshealthier bodies Healthy foods that wont hurt your stomach before exercise are:*1/2 bagel*banana*chocolate milk*lean proteins*fruits*veggies*whole grains*healthy fats*fluids* Amanda Zaleski, MS
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