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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Integrative nature Essence Of FCS sprite HeadBody of the knowledge orange juice 1994 Name changed from American Home Economics Association to Family Consumer sciences 1841 Catherine Beecher publishes Treatise on Domestic Economy 1862 First Morrill Act establishes land-grant college and universities Specialization Threads SoulInspiration & Motivation HeartThe mission Current Trends History & evolution of the Discipline Work Life Dualistic society Goblization Growth In human Diversity Sciences 1908 Tenth Lake Placid Conference; formed AHEA Improving Quality of life for indivdulas More career choices. More women in places of higher authority. High school diploma Crucial Incress in technology links everyone together. Multiracialism Cultural religious diversity & labor Family Consumer - Basic Human needs-Communication Skills-Critical Thinking - Health-Food-Clothing-Shelter-Wellness Body of research and knowledge used to enable families, communities and individuals to make informed choices about their well being and relationships Cross Cutting Threads Sources:-Foundations of Family and Consumer Sciences 2nd Ed. , S. Kato & J. Elias-
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