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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Theme: When someone takes somthing from you,that you love, you should fight to get it back. Objective Summary: Coltrain wanted to keep the rescue horse stables in the city of Philidelphia but the city government had other ideas for the land so, Coltrain, his father and supporters rallied and won to keep the stables in the city. Plot: In the beginning, Coltrain gets in trouble in Detroit and his mother decides to move him to Philly. His dad that he has never met before lives there. After a while he starts liking Philly and the horses that his dad owns, but trouble arises when the city comes and takes away his horses. At the end, Coltrain takes his horses back and earns respect from the police. Setting: The setting of this story takes place in the ghettos of Philadelphia. The place Coltrain and the horses stay are not the best living conditions. The setting supports the story because it makes colt rain realizes what hard word is, and if you really love something you should fight for it. Character: Coltrain is the protagonist in the book Ghetto Cowboy.The theme is all in this book. Both of Coltrain's parents are fighting for what they believe in, his mother is fighting for Cole to get back on the right path and his father is fighting for the stable horses. Coltrain through many challenges discovers that he wants to fight to save the horses with his father and in doing so he gets on the right path for his mother and himself.
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