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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INDONESIA'S *resources here RELATIONS WITH OTHER COUNTRIES INDONESIA AND MALAYSIA> Tourism:Indonesians are Malaysia's second largest visitors and Malaysians are Indonesia'ssecond largest visitors.>Education:On 2012, about 6,000 Malaysians studied inIndonesia and about 14,000 Indonesiansstudies in MalaysiaINDONESIA AND AUSTRALIA>TransportationIndonesia and Australia share airlines that travel between the two countries like GarudaIndonesia, Virgin Australia, Air Asia and Jetstar.>EconomyAustralia exports wheat, livestocks, petroleum, gold, iron, steel and aluminium structures. BILATERAL RELATIONSHIPS REGIONAL RELATIONSHIPS INDONESIA AND SINGAPORE> Security/DefenceOn 3 October 2005, two days after Bali bombings, Singapore agreed to work together to fight againstterrorism.>EconomyIndonesia imports sands and granites to Singaporefor land reclamations.INDONESIA AND PHILIPPINES>Disaster Relief:Indonesia and Philippines both help each other when a disaster happens. Indonesia helped the Philippines when typhoon Pablo hit them.>Boundary DisagreementThey share maritime borders. They used to have territorial disputes but now they don't have any problems anymore. MULTILATERAL RELATIONSHIPS Wikipedia.Wikimedia Foundation.Web.21 Jan.2015.<>.Wikipedia.Wikimedia Foundation.Web.21Jan.2015.<>.Wikipedia.Wikimedia Foundation.Web.21Jan.2015.<>.Wikipedia.Wikimedia Foundation.Web.15 Jan.2015.<>."Australia and Indonesia Relations" Wikipedia.WikimediaFoundation.Web.15 Jan.2015.< _investment."Intra-ASEAN travel" Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation. Web.18 Jan. 2015.<>#Intra-ASEAN_Travel> All of ASEAN countries>TourismThe countries of ASEAN made a visa-free travel amongASEAN countries. 34 million out of 74 million tourist inASEAN member states are from the other ASEAN members.
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