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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gettysburg Gettysburg double click to change this header text! Who? The Union Army was led by General Gordon Meade and theConfederate Army was led by General Robert Lee.23,049 Union soldiers were killed, lost, wounded or captured. 26,063 Confederate soldiers were killed, lost, wounded or captured.Of the 120 Generals that were present at Gettysburg, 9 of them werekilled during the battle. In total, 63 medals of honor were awarded to Union soldiers who fought at Gettysburg. When and Where?The battle lasted three days, January 1-3, 1863.Where? The battle was fought around the town of Gettysburg in Adams County, Pennsylvania. The battle was not planned by either General. The armies met on accident due to the ten roads that convergein the town of Gettysburg. The first day's battle was more large thangenerally portrayed, with more casualities than Bullrun and Franklin combined. The second day was the bloodiest of the three and ranksas the 10th bloodiest battle of the Civil War. This battle was the most decisive battle of the war. the Gettysburg Address the Gettysburg Address The Gettysburg Address was a speech, given by Lincoln. It was only 273 words long. It was given at the Official Dedication Ceremony at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Lincoln was not actually the main speaker at theevent, Edward Everett was. Everett essentially said the same things that Lincoln did, but he took two hours to do so. These speeches were given in November, 1863. Patriots felt that Lincoln's speechwas heartfelt and well spoken, whereas the Democrats felt it was inadequate. Nevertheless, the Gettysburg Address changed the view of Americafrom a collection of states to a united country. a Medal of Honor a map of Gettysburg Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address.
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