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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Background Educate Now! and New Schools for New Orleans have partnered with Next Generation Learning Challenges to found Breakthrough Schools: New Orleans, seeking schools interested in implementing whole-school PL models in New Orleans. The School The Funds The Pilot Before we go all in... Standing out among the crowd The Game Plan What are we trying to do? Who will be participating:384 students12 classesReading and MathK-4 The End Game The Potential Personalized Learning Let's start a education revolution! The Right Direction Beginning of the Outlet Era A Grant Proposal for a New Orleans Charter School MYTH BUSTED Personalized Learning seeks to accelerate student learning by tailoring the instructional environmentwhat, when, how, andwhere students learnto address the individual needs, skills, and interests of each student. Students take ownership of their own learning while also developing deep personal connections to each other, their teachers, and other adults. GETTING THE GRANT A charter school is a school which receives public funding but operates independently of the established public school system. In my grant proposal I am requesting $66.000. A portion of the costassociated with the pilot. Helping our vision take flight! Opportunity for Growth We plan to apply for charters to add twoadditional K-8 schools opening in the 2016-17 school year. The new schools will be a next generation personalized learning model to be designed over the next 18 months,informed in no small part by the lessons from this pilot. I selected this grant because I firmly believe in what the creators of this grant are trying to accomplish. I was delighted to see goals I strive for in my instructional design reflected in a very different learning environment than the workplace. It is inspiring to know that Personalized Learning is trending throughout all of education regardless of environment. Utilizing elements of PL approach (computer-assistedlearning, flexible grouping, and RTI), the goal for the pilot is to improve student performance and ensure a successful transition to the whole school implementation. 696 studentsK-898% students eligible for free or reduced lunch2% students designated English Language Learners18% students with special needs We are trying to create a learning environment that is engaging, interactive and effective. We want to build on elements of PL that we are already utilizing in our school and leverage technology to increase academic performance and student satisfaction. Kim Gutierrez
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