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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I want to go to Germany because of the historic landmarks such as the Nehschwanstin castle which is the castle that the Disney castle was modeled after. Another reason is because victory tower is there and that seems like a cool thing to visit. 1. Nehschwanstin castle2.Historic Landmarks3.victory tower Dream destination Germany I wonder who is the president or leader of Germany. I also wonder what is the tallest mountain peek in Germany. I wonder what kind of activities they do there. 1.The president is Joachim Gauck and the Chancellor is Angela Merkel. 2. Activities that people do in Germany are hiking, skiing, swimming, and cycling. 3.The tallest mountain in Germany is Zugstpize. A issues in Germany is the Syrian refuges right now because a lot of small towns are getting over crowded. Another issue is that the company called Volkswagen which is from Germany had a scandal when 11 million of its diesel cars sold world wide were rigged with a software design that helped them falsely pass environmental emission tests. The third and final issue is that a group called Pegida from western Germany protested Germany's high immigration rates. ยทThe most common religion Catholic. Germans eat the continental way with there fork in their left hand and their knife in the right hand. Theater and music are heavily supported in Germany. In Germany pork is as common as beef or chicken in Germany. Sweets and chocolate are enjoyed every in Germany. In Germany in their drinks they prefer them without ice. Victory tower Airport Nehschwanstein castle
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