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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Events In Germany during World War I & II Works Cited Caporetto, Battle of. World book Student. World Book, 2015.Web. 16 Jan,2015Inargo,Charles W. Franco-Prussian War. . World Book,2015. Web. 16 Jan.2015A&E Networks. 2009. Web. 23 January 2015. May 10, 1871 the Treaty of Franfurtwas sigend which ended the Freanco-Purssian war(Inargo). Within less than 10 months into the war, with a German state,Prussia and France,Germany was victorious. Although other German states had joined Prussia which caused main conflict(Inargo). From 1933-1945 the National SocialistGerman Workers Party also known as theNazi, began to overpower Germany under the control of Adolf Hitler (A&E Networks). After the World War I the Nazi Partywas founded in 1919 and Hitler became the leader. This required Germanay to make and overflowing amountof soncessions and reparations (A&R Networks) The Nazis became outlawed and convicted war crimes such as murdering Jews that took place afterWorld War II (A&E Networks). Hitler, a army veteran, was flustered by Germany's defeat in World War thushe begun to blame the Jews due to the decrease in econemy andunstable political parties(A&E Networks). throughout the 1920's Hitler gave anumerous amount of speeches explaingthat the problems of Germany wil onlycontinue unless Jews are driven out of the nation (A&E Networks). after World War II Hitler caused the Holocaust were his Nazi party murdered 6 million Jews along with homosexuals and gypsies(A&E Networks). Hitler then created a faster way to eliminate Jews known as the "final solution". This contained concentration camps. (A&E Netwroks). In late 1941 the concentration camps stared with ill,old,waekand young (A&E Netwroks). In 1940 both German adn british Air forces crashed over the United Kingdom(A&E Networks). Germany began to experiance economicdepression in 1929. The Nazis tookadvantage of Germany's weak government and began to gain power(A&E Networks).
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