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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 German Revolution of 1848 In 1848 there were quite a few revolutions in countries across Europe. One of the revolutions was the German Revolution.The German Revolution of 1848 was a revolution that was triggered by the overturn of the king of France. The Revolution was started by peasants, middle class citizens, and even nobles. These people revolted because they wanted a government that actually represented the people, they wanted a united country, and a government that didn't have poverty causing habits. The people felt they needed to revolt because of all the revolting that happened around them, such as the overthrow of the king in France. Throughout Germany there werespontaneous riots that were not thoroughly planned. The king of Prussiawas willing to givein to some of their demands to keepthe peace. The goverment was willing to make changes when overrun, but overall the revolutionended without all the change people wantedbecause of the military keeping themonarchy in power. Some key events in the German Revolution of 1848 were:Demonstrations of workers in Berlin,The king of Prussia agreeing with the need for change,King William granting liberal reforms,Count Brandenburg being appointed to head a new ministrywhich ends the revolutionA new constitution was put in place The German Revolution of 1848 was a failure overall because the people failed to take overand make all the changes they wanted. Instead,the military was able to shut down the rebels.
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