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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 15: 10 people (40%)30: 11 people (44%)50+: 4 people (16%) = IMPACT OF CLASS Fluorescent light bulbs are one of the MOST common light bulbs used. -Not very energy efficient, only 10% of the energy used in an incandescent light goes to creating light,the rest is lost to heat-Dont work well in large areas.-Lifespan has been surpassed by other lighting solutions. LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) -Not ALL LED bulbs are dimmable-Expensive $$$ INCANDESCENT The government WANTS to make LED's more expensive because they know that many people need good lighting and are willing to pay at any price. Unfortunately, there is mercury in the bulb.Once you are done with the light bulb and throw it out,the mercury may make its way out and spread aroundthe environment. Mercury can be very dangerousto our body and if it enters our system it can causedamage. In order to make Fluorescent bulbs it HAS to contain mercury inside of it.The government are trying to reduce the amountof mercury in one single bulb but otherwise they CANNOT make these Fluorescent lights without it. Since Incandescent light bulbs are not very energyefficient, most people are using A LOT of electricity.By using electricity, the government receives A LOT of money from both the light bulband the electricity being used from the bulb. : 06/01/2015 : 06/01/2015 : 05/01/2015 INCANDESCENT lights could increase the amount of energy used in thr bulb to go to creating light instead of the majority going to heat which means more electricity used ($$$)Fluorescent lights could reduce as much mercury from the bulb as possible so that it is not risky for people. and so that we do not have to worry that the mercury will break through the glass.LED's could be less expensive so that even MORE peoplecould buy them, and if all LED's could become dimmablemore people are satisfied and can buy more without wastingelectricity by using un-dimmable LED'S. WHAT WE CAN DO TO CHANGE THE IMPACTS OF THESE LIGHTS:
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