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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How does water affect bio-diversity? Water affects bio-diversity because water can kill animals that do not live in the water. Water can affect the animals that do not live in water because if their is no water all the plants will die without water. Rio Salado 11/6 The Project at Rio Salado By: George Serbin This is the average Ph that we took for location 1 and 2 at Rio Salado. Both of the locations got 7. This is good because it is blood, milk, human saliva, and pure water. This is the average of TDS that we took at 2 locations of Rio Salado. Location one is good because it is like aquifers, mountain springs, etc. Location 2 has a lot of culmination in the water. This is the average of dissolved oxygen at Rio Salado. The water tested 6 and this is good because it supports growth and that means that animals can lay eggs there. Este es Tesseract. Tesseract es azul. Este es Rio Salado. Rio Salado es rojo. Facts about Rio Salado1.595 acre desert river habitat.2. There are over 76,000 trees planted there.3. It is located 2 miles away from Downtown Phoenix. tap and hold to change this title text! Location 1 vs Location 2 1.Arizona uses about 100 gallons per day.2.Tucson is better at conserving water than Phoenix.3. Phoenix has 3 sources of water, Rivers, lakes and groundwater pumped from wells. What can I do?1. Take less time to shower.2. Drink the water in my house that my family has bought.3. Not have the shower water running for long before I get in the shower.4. We might not have water because of a big drought.5. The less water we have the more fires that occur that won't be out in time to go on a rampage. Sources:1. www.phoenix.gov2.
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