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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 George W. Bush Policies Domestic: Foreign: Background Important Events > Born on July, 6th 1946 in Connecticut. He is still alive. >He is married to Laura Welch Bush and has twin daughters Barbara and Jenna.> He is a politician and business man. He was the governor of Texas before his presidency.> His presidential term was from 2001-2009 he was reelected. >Republican >VP: Richard B. Cheney>He is from a well known and respected political family. > President Bush declared a "War on Terror." This caused the Bush administration to declared war on Iraq in 2002, because of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This act is still in place today so it could be deemed both successful and unsuccessful.>"Roadmap for Peace" was created by the Bush administration to try and create peace in Israel and to improve their government. This program ended up failing after several months when violence broke out again. >PEPFAR (President's Emergency Plan For Aids Relief. This was a program started Bush to help relieve the aids outbreak in africa. This was a very program helped save about 5 million people in 5 years. During his presidency he did more for Africa than any other president before. >The No Child Left Behind Act is a standardized test to be given to kids in grades 3 through 8, it was Bush's way of reforming education. This was deemed as successful because it got kids that were behind the help they needed. >The Public Company Accounting Reform and Protection Act also known as the Oley Act. This was a set of rules and regulations to make harsher penalties and accounting rules for large companies. This is deemed successful because it allows the government to regulate large businesses. >The White House Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives was created under Bush to fund faith based nonprofits. This was unsuccessful in the way it drew controversyover the combination of church and government. Many people believed it was unconstitutional. The event that shocked the nation when Bush was president was the 9/11 attack that killed many New Yorkers. He responded to this devastating act of terrorism by creating the"War on Terror." We went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan, to get back for this devastating day. Perception President Bush can be perceived as both good and bad, many of his policies and acts are still in place or work in the making. Such as the war which is still a bloody conflict this made him seem like a bad president. On the brightside he can be perceived as a good president because of all of his education reforms. The true fact is that only time will tell what his true legacy is.
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