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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 George Mason Founding Father Personal Info His parents were plantation owners Ann and George Mason. Born in Fairfax County,Virgina in 1725Died on October 7,1792.His wealthy lawyer uncle became his guardian after hisfathers death.Studied law through books.Married Anne Elibeck until 1773 when she died at 39. George Mason Many people have heard of the founding fathers.Names like Jefferson,Washington, Franklin,Adams, may sound familiar. These are the most known founding fathers. However, George Mason was a very important figure that some may not know of Without him, a crucial part of our constitution may have been excluded. He was an anti-federalist.He believed that slaves should be free and have an education.Wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights of 1776, which was a base for Jefferson writing the Bill of Rights.The Virginia Declaration of Rights of 1776 was ratified by the Virginia Constitutional Convention on June 12,1776Refused to sign the Constitution because it lacked a bill of rights. Significance Qualifications George Mason was a member of theSecond Virginia Convention.He studied law from his uncles extensive collection of law booksand private tutors.Even though he never went to college or university, he was one of the most educated men in hisarea.He wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights of 1776. This was them used as a base to the Bill of Rights. Conclusion In conclusion, George Masondid many great things forAmerica. He had a strongcharacter and always stuckto his opinions. He was very qualified to be a founding father.He was a very importantpart of making our constitution.George Mason was a great man.
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