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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Earth's atmosphere has changed drastically over 4.6 billion years. Our current atmosphere is our third. The first one was made of helium and hydrogen- the percentage of the amounts isn't certain. Our second atmosphere was mostly made of Carbon Dioxide; bacteria could only live in such conditions. Our present day atmosphere is mainly made up of Nitrogen and Oxygen. This atmosphere is capable of supporting life. Geologic Time Trip Carbon Dixiode Nitrogen Other Gases Nitrogen Oxygen Present Atmosphere Other Gases Second Atmosphere Brachipod Fossil Paleozoic Era Age of Invertebrates Fish fossil Paleozoic Era Age of the Fishes Dinosaur Fossils Mesozoic EraAge of Reptiles 4,600mya By: Dairon Diaz, Kyle Bozzelle, Betty Reyes, & Tamia Southall 257mya 66mya Mammoth Fossils Cenozoic Era Age of Mammals 542mya Timeline: Precambrian Time Paleozoic Mesozoic Cenozoic Trilobite Fossil Paleozoic EraAge of Invertebrats Amphibian Fossil Paleozoic EraAge of Amohibians Ammonite Fossil Messozoic Era Earth's Atmosphere Fossils Earth has existed for over 4.6 billion years. The majority of the time spent was during the Precambrian Time. During those 4 billion years, the earth was forming and multicellular organisms started life. An extinction wiped out the majority of life forms The extinction was called the Cambrian Explosion and how it was caused is unknown.Life started coming back to Earth. Carboriferous- large cool swamps- had grown during the end of the Paleozoic Era; when they died, they turned into the coal we use today. Pangaea also took place during this time too. The infamous Cretaceous Extinction ended life on the planet at the end of the Mesozoic Era. Scientists are sure it was caused by a meteorite. Earth has evolved since that time and is history as we know it.
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