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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Australia's population as of December 2014 is approximately 23,490,700 people. This shows an increase of about 364,900 people since the 30th of June 2013 to December 2014. That is 3 people per square kilometerof Australia. Australia's place in the world Australia's population is quite average in comparison to its regional neighbours. Indonesia has a population of approximately 255,461,700 people, PNG has a aproximate population of 7,398,500, New Zealand has a population of about 4,562,830 people and as stated before Australia has a population of about 23,490,700 people. Each year about half a million people arrive in Australia. Approximately 13% of these people are from Britain and New Zealand,7% from China, 6% from India and 5% from South Africa. The graph below shows these Statistics, these statistics areimportant as they contribute to the population of Australia. 1 Km 1 Km The average age today for Australia is 37 years old. The global age average for males is 27.7 and for females it is 29 years. I am 15 years old, in relevance to global age average I'm 12.7 years off the current global age average. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has calculated that, by the year 2056,the dependent elderly will represent 23-25% of the Australian population, whilst the dependant youth group will make up only 15-18%. By 2101, 25-28% of the population will be in the aged group and 14-17% will be in the youth group. Elderly= 5% Youth= 5% Other= 5% Population of Australia in 2056
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