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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SPLOFT trails and bridges connecting tree houses and buildings.there will be houses in trees, underground, and the dirt from the underground houses will be solidized in piles then hollowed out. Unique Stuff tap and hold to change this title text! Recreation there will be various places of housing, anyone who hunts endangered animals or sacred ones or cuts down trees will be hanged, we will have defenses mainly based on electricity, the usual Mayan temple stuff, and tiger traps. We will sacrifice intruders after we eat their face. Our mascot is a five toed sloth named SPLOFY, his parents were our old mascots but they died Physical Layout the underground houses will be at the base of the largest trees, treehouses must be 30 metres up a tree with a minimum of a 2 metre diameter, the bridges connecting the tree houses will be tested monthly and after storms by our bridge inspector Carl, dirt houses must be safety checked by Flabio the house inspector, to walk on trails you must sign a contract that states if ye shall chooses to walk off trail yer life ain't my responsilibility no more. The prison will be called Fort Estabon and will be underground far from the village and they won't know where they are because they will be carried to the prison unconscious Transportation and Shelter there will be a sports field but since it's up policy not clear trees there will be some larger trees right in the middle of the field! Underbrush and tiny trees will be cleared because they probably would get knocked over in a football game. Small trails will be made so people could go on runs in the woods. Some food games would be had like french fry roulette and pepper roulette, we like roulettes.
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